To capture the Western flair of a Pescadero log home for a couple who loved the great outdoors, Jona custom designed many of its rustic wood and upholstered furnishings, and structural details that were inspired by the amazing work of artisans in the Midwest and Wyoming.

The natural log staircase alone required many hours of meticulous measuring and installation to get the right whimsical, rustic look. She also used reclaimed juniper logs to custom design the fireplace mantel and drapery rods, and fashioned drapery tiebacks from scraps of leather.

Other custom furnishings include the table she designed with a tree-trunk base and glass table top in an organic treetop shape and wood island top that was impressed with paw print molds to create realistic tracks of paw prints across the top. In the kitchen, a unique piece of art added to the side of a kitchen cabinet transforms the edge into a point of interest when entering the space.

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